Is Roy Halladay Still A Dominant Pitcher?

When you think of Roy Halladay what do you think of? I know I think of no hitters, perfect games, and just dominant pitching overall, but with his recent performance dating back to last season, I am beginning to question whether Halladay can still be the ace of a major league team. We all know that Halladay can throw a gem on any given night but now these gems are starting to come farther and farther apart. In 2011 Halladay was a horse. In 32 starts he posted a 2.35 ERA which was second best in the majors. He also had 19 wins and struckout 220 batters, and oh yeah, he only lost 6 games. 2011 was a great year for Doc,  2012 on the other hand was not so great. In 2012 Roy Halladay started 25 games and posted a 4.49 ERA. This was a far cry from the ERA he posted in 2011. His win to loss was also worse with an 11-8 record. He only struck out 132 batters which was 88 off the mark he set the previous year.

Now, I bet you’re thinking, “Well, thats only one bad season right?”. You could be right about that, but Roy definitely did not start the 2013 season on a high note. Yesterday in his first start, he only lasted a whopping 3.1 innings and he gave up a total of 5 runs, all earned. That can’t be the way Doc wanted to start the season nor the way the Phillies organization wanted him to start either.

So what is going on with Halladay? It could just be that he is in some sort of pitching slump or it could just be that he is getting a little old to pitch in the MLB. Not many guys can pitch at the age of 35, especially a guy who has as much wear and tear on his arm as him. As of now, I can’t really make a call on how dominant Roy Halladay will be this season. He could be completely terrible or he could bounce back to his old form and be the ace of the Phillies pitching staff again. We will just have to let the season progress and see what happens….


Halladay winding up

Halladay winding up


Will the USA Men’s Basketball Team Win Gold?

Earlier today, the roster was announced for the USA Olympic Basketball team.  It consists of 5 fowards, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love, Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Blake Griffin, 6 guards, Kobe Bryant, Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook, Andre Iguodala, Chris Paul, James Harden and 1 center, Tyson Chandler. As you can see, this roster contains a very high caliber of talent. All of these players are in fact, allstars. The team also has a very great coaching staff which will be led by Duke coach, Mike Krzyzewski, who has led the US to championships before. When you combine an allstar team with a fantastic coaching staff it should mean a gold medal, and thats exactly what I am expecting. It seems to me that there is no country that can match up with the athleticism of the players on the US team. The players are stronger, faster, and simply just better basketball players. I am predicting the US to blow out all of their opponents just like the Dream Team did in 1992. I feel the only way the team doesn’t bring home the gold is if they get sloppy, and I certainly don’t see that happening….

Who will be the Best Teams in the 2012-2013 NFL Season?

10. Detroit Lions
9. Chicago Bears
8. Pittsburgh Steelers
7. Baltimore Ravens
6.Dallas Cowboys
5. Philadelphia Eagles
4. Greenbay Packers
3.San Francisco 49ers
2. New York Giants
1. New England Patriots