Packers In Trouble?

The Greenbay Packers have been one of the top teams in the NFL over the passed 3-4 seasons. Since 2009 they have posted records of 11-5, 10-6, 15-1, and 11-5 and have won a Superbowl. They have arguably the best offense in the league led by arguably the best quarterback in the league in Aaron Rodgers. Their coaching staff is also top notch. They are obviously a powerhouse team who is always in discussion for winning the division but this year could be different. This offseason the Packers have lost some key players to injury. Offensive Tackle Bryan Bulaga has reportedly tore his ACL and will need season ending surgery. The Packers last season gave up a league leading 51 sacks, so losing Bulaga for the year can end up being a major problem for Greenbay. Wide Receiver Jordy Nelson has also been injured this offseason. He will require knee surgery which will sideline him for the remainder of the preseason. He is hopeful that he will return for the season-opener but it is not likely that he will. Nelson was a major contributor for the team last season, he caught 7 touchdowns and had 800 receiving yards. Losing him for only a few games could hurt the Packers. Second Round draft pick Eddie Lacey also looks like he could be injured after being sidelined for practice today. Lacey is supposed to spark the Packers run game which has been struggling ever since 2010, so losing him could put a dagger in the Pack’s season.

Even though the Packers have a few injuries this offseason, I would not say they are in trouble just yet. They still have the best quarterback in the league and one of the best coaches. They have an offense that can score 50 points any game, and a defense that is definitely on the rise. So in my opinion, Greenbay fans have nothing to worry about just yet.


Andrew Luck Vs RG3: Rookie of the Year

As each week passes the debate over this years rookie of the year intensifies. As of now I would say it is a two player race, with Andrew Luck and Robert Griffen being the front runners. Both of these quarterbacks are having phenomenal seasons. Luck has led his team to an 8-4 record when they only went 2-14 last season. And it is looking like the Colts are going to make the playoffs. He has thrown for 3596 yards and 17 touchdowns. He also has a QB rating of 76.1. Andrew Luck also has another amazing stat under his belt. He has five game winning drives and three 4th quarter comebacks! Luck is a leader and it is showing.

Robert Griffen is also having an amazing season. His Redskins are 5-6 and chasing the New York Giants for the division lead. Griffen’s stats are through the roof. He has thrown for 2497 yards and 16 touchdowns and has only thrown 4 interceptions. He also has a QB rating of 104.6 which is good for second in the league only behind Aaron Rodgers. Oh yeah, RG3 can run the ball a little bit too, he has ran for a whopping 642 yards and 6 touchdowns. Griffen is looking to cut the Giants division lead to one game tonight with a win.

So, as you can see we have a very tight race here. Both quarterbacks show amazing stats and are┬ádefinitely┬áthe best players on their team. They are both leaders and both know how to sling the ball down the field, but if I had to choose today I think I would have to go with Andrew Luck. He has blown everyone away by bringing the Colts to an 8-4 record when no one thought they would win more than 4 or 5 games. I think this alone out shines the stats that Griffen has put up this season, but there is still 4 games left so we will see what happens…


NFL Week 4 Predictions

Ravens: 28 vs Browns: 10

Patriots: 30 vs Bills: 17

49ers: 24 vs Jets:14

Seahawks: 21 vs Rams: 10

Panthers: 14 vs Falcons: 31

Vikings: 17 vs Lions: 28

Chargers : 34 vs Chiefs: 14

Titans: 7 vs Texans: 27

Bengals: 24 vs Jaguars: 21

Raiders: 28 vs Broncos: 24

Dolphins: 10 vs Cardinals: 24

Redskins: 31 vs Buccaneers: 38

Saints: 28 vs Packers: 31

Giants: 24 vs Eagles: 20

Bears: 14 vs Cowboys: 10


NFL Week 3 Predictions

Giants: 31 vs Panthers: 20

Buccaneers: 24 vs Cowboys: 17

Jaguars: 14 vs Colts: 21

Bills: 34 vs Browns: 17

Jets: 21 vs Dolphins: 24

Chiefs: 13 vs Saints: 31

Bengals: 31 vs Redskins:24

Rams: 28 vs Bears: 21

49ers: 41 vs Vikings: 7

Lions: 30 vs Titans: 17

Falcons: 28 vs Chargers: 31

Eagles: 17 vs Cardinals: 20

Steelers: 21 vs Raiders: 3

Texans: 21 vs Broncos: 17

Patriots: 28 vs Ravens: 24

Packers: 24 vs Seahawks: 10



NFL Week 1 Predictions

Colts:17 vs Bears:31

Falcons:27 vs Chiefs:20

Eagles:31 vs Browns:10

Redskins:14 vs Saints:34

Rams:10 vs Lions:24

Patriots:31 vs Titans:17

Jaguars:10 vs Vikings:17

Bills:21 vs Jets:17

Dolphins:3 vs Texans:24

Seahawks:34 vs Cardinals:20

49ers:27 vs Packers:21

Panthers:31 vs Buccaneers:17

Steelers:27 vs Broncos:14

Bengals:24 vs Ravens:17

Chargers:24 vs Raiders:34

Maurice Jones-Drew to Holdout

Jacksonville Jaguars RB,Maurice Jones-Drew, made it clear today that he will hold out when he did not report to camp. He wants a new contract but General Manager, Gene Smith says it will not happen. His current contract still has 2 years worth 9 million dollars. Jones-Drew feels like this isn’t enough for the NFL’s leading rusher last season. He wants top dollar, and it seems like Jacksonville isn’t willing to pay him it this season.