Alex Rodriguez Suspension

Yesterday, Bud Selig and the MLB decided to suspend Alex Rodriguez through the 2014 season, which ends up to be 211 games! The suspension will take place on Thursday and Rodriguez will appeal so he will most likely continue to play in a Yankees uniform until the appeal process is over. Most people believe that Arod and his plethora of expensive lawyers will help him cut down his suspension to a mere 80 or 90 games. In my opinion, they are right. Alex Rodriguez is being treated differently than all the other players involved with this scandal. Ryan Braun, who won his PED appeal process last season, has only received a 65 game suspension this year for being caught with PEDs again. Other players like Jhonny Peralta and Nelson Cruz have only received 50 game suspensions and will be eligibile to play in the playoffs if their respective teams make the race. So, if these “first time offenders” are only receiving 50 game suspensions then why isn’t Arod? Can it be because the MLB has found so much evidence against him that the suspension has to be lengthy? Or could is be that the MLB is just tired of Arod disrespecting the game? I really couldn’t tell ya, but what I can tell you is that this suspension will be cut down and cut down majorly. I simply cannot see how the MLB can suspend a first time offender for 211 games when the drug policy says the suspension should only be 50.



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