Is NFL MVP A Two Man Race?

Now that the season is over we can really begin to debate which NFL star should receive the honor of being the leagues most valuable player. In my mind there are only two players that really have a chance to win the award, Adrian Peterson, or Peyton Manning. Both players had phenomenal seasons and both came off major injuries. Maybe you can add in Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady as candidates to win the mvp but I highly doubt either of them will win. 

As we all know Peyton Manning came off a severe neck injury this season. He was dumped by the Colts, the franchise he played for his whole career, and some people thought he would never be the same again. Everyone questioned him and felt like one big hit would end his career for good. As we all know, Peyton proved all his doubters wrong. He threw for 4,659 yards, and 37 touchdowns. He had a QB rating of 105.8 which was the best in the league. He also completed 68 percent of his passes. Oh yeah, he did all this on the way to making the Broncos the number one seed in the AFC. If that’s not a case for MVP then I don’t know what is

Adrian Peterson was coming off a very different injury. On December 24th of last season Peterson tore his ACL and his MCL of his left knee and many people thought he would be out almost all of the 2012 season. Well, all those people were wrong. Peterson was determined to get through his rehab and be back for next season. His determination paid off when he put on his pads for the start of the 2012 season, and what a season it was. The running back rushed for 2,097 yards, 9 away from the all-time record. He had 12 touchdowns and had six yards per carry. He also rushed for more than 200 yards twice and more than 150 yards seven times. He did all this while bringing the Vikings to a 10-6 record and a playoff berth. He carried the team on his back all season. 

When it comes down to it, I believe both players deserve the award, but if I had to choose I would have to go with Adrian Peterson. He came back from an injury that usually takes a year to recover in a few months. He brought the Vikings to the playoffs when absolutely nobody thought it could be done. He basically did it all for that team. What Peyton did for the Broncos was fantastic but what Peterson did for the Vikings was even better. Image


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