Derek Jeter on Steroids?

When you think of Derek Jeter, do you think of steroids? I know I certainly don’t. When I think of Derek Jeter I think of gold gloves, big hits, and world series rings, but due to Jeter’s recent success at the plate, some sports analysts like Skip Bayless are actually accusing him of using steroids, or Human Growth Hormone. This season Jeter is batting .324 with 13 homeruns and 43 RBI. These numbers are an improvement from last season when he batted .297 with 6 homeruns and 61 RBI, but are they really that much of an improvement to accuse him of using steroids? Not at all in my opinion. Jose Bautista had never hit more then 16 homeruns before he belted 54 homers in 2010, and no body said he was on steroids, they just said he improved his swing, Jeter has done the same thing. Before Derek had hit his 3000th hit in 2011, he was batting in the low .200s. He went on the disabled list, worked on his swing with hitting coach Kevin Long, and when he came back he batted over .300 and has been on a complete tear since. Derek Jeter can still hit, and can still play the field he definitely doesn’t need steroids to play well in the MLB.


One thought on “Derek Jeter on Steroids?

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