Who will Win the NBA Atlantic Division

Brooklyn? New York? Boston? Does anyone really know who will win the Atlantic Division this season? As of right now, I would say that the only thing separating these teams in the standings at the end of the season would be a couple of games. This division became alot more interesting when the Nets decided to resign Deron Williams, and trade for all-star Joe Johnson. They are also still making a push to get Dwight Howard in a trade with the Magic. The Knicks have reportedly traded for Marcus Camby, who is old, but can definitely still play. They also have signed Jason Kidd who can run the pick and roll with Stoudemire, and they have one of the best one on one players in Carmelo Anthony. The Celtics may have lost Ray Allen but have way more depth then they did last season. They drafted big men Fab Melo and Jared Sullinger, and have signed veteran shooting guard Jason Terry. They also have their best on ball defender, Avery Bradley, coming back from a shoulder injury.

When you look at all these teams, they are all pretty stacked, but all have some flaws. The Nets may not have chemistry just like the Heat early in the 2011 season. The Knicks seem like they can’t play any type of defense, and the Celtics are old. The winner of this division will just be who can handle their flaws the best, and I think that will be the Celtics. Even though their old they have veteran players who know who how to step up in big situations, they also have arguably the best point guard in the league in Rajon Rondo. They have young legs coming off the bench to help out the old guys. Oh yeah, they have also won the division for 5 straight years, so they are getting used to it.. The Celtics are my pick to pull through and win the Atlantic, but this may change, its still way to early to really know. There could be injuries,trades, etc, which would leave the door wide open for the Knicks and the Nets.



2 thoughts on “Who will Win the NBA Atlantic Division

  1. of course boston celtics,
    the others don’t stand a chance

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