Pittsburgh Pirates Take First Place Into Break

Earlier today, the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the San Francisco Giants to secure first place in the NL Central going into the All-star break. They have a 48-37 record, and own a one game lead over the Cincinnati Reds. Their record is also the 4th best in the league. They are being led by their ace A.J Burnett who has won 9 straight decisions, and their All-star center fielder Andrew McCutchen, who leads the team in all hitting categories. They have been on an absolute tear, and own the best record in the league since May 18th. No body had seen this coming..At the beginning of the season they were last in the league in RBI, and batting average. These stats have now gone way up. With all this said, are the Pirates a legit World Series contender? As of now, I would say no. I feel like they will cool off in the second half of the season, that is unless they pick up another big bat before the trade deadline. If they do, this will be a very fun team to watch.. 


Andrew McCutchen


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